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Charm Cattery is expertly managed by a small number of both American and European Burmese. The labor, expenses and spoiling are lovingly done by me, Patricia (Pat) Swihart. I registered my cattery name with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) in the early 70ís which is when I first became enamored with the Burmese. Many Grand Champions, Regional Winners and even a couple of National Winners later, I became intrigued with the European Burmese which had just become recognized as a Miscellaneous breed in CFA June 1993. I, along with a few others, became very active in promoting the European Burmese from Miscellaneous through Provisional to full championship status. The European Burmese was officially advanced to Championship status May 1, 2002. I am proud to say I was the breeder of the first National Breed Winner GC, BW, RW Charmís Ace High and another first Ė GC Charmís Chocolate Chip - the first chocolate Grand Champion.

GC, BW, RW Charmís Ace High

GC Charmís Chocolate Chip

In addition to many years of breeding and exhibiting experience, I have been active as Burmese Breed Council Secretary (four years) and later, European Burmese Breed Council Secretary (two years). I no longer show as much as I used to due to an almost fatal car accident; however, I still breed, and strive as much as ever for cats of top quality in health, personality and appearance. I have imported European Burmese from Sweden, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and have also purchased within the US in order to have a widely diversified gene pool.

Burmese and European Burmese are very similar in temperament Ė both being exceptionally people oriented and dog like. Read the breed profiles for both the Burmese (link here) and the European Burmese (link here) for further information on the two breeds. Feel free to call me or email with any other questions you may have.

We occasionally have miniature donkey babies for sale. Take a look Ė they are so cute.



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